<strong><em>Meet Abdul</em></strong><br>
Meet Abdul

He is an accountant as well as a talented photographer. Isn’t it strange???
But believe me when I say that he has the best of both worlds. His personality is a mix of creative and analytical features, therefore his photos will dazzle you with its flair originality and meticulous attention to detail.

Time for little Story !!

While he was completing his bachelor’s degree in 2014, he began taking photographs. He participated in several university photography competitions and won several prizes when he was a student. Additionally, he was named an official photographer for the University’s student trip. That’s pretty awesome, huh?

Rather than seeking for work after completing his degree, he began looking for a mentor. That is correct, a Mentor! The only person who could unveil to him the intricate details of being a professional photographer.

In his quest to track down his instructor, he traversed continents, oceans, and deserts. When he came across @AshnaKhan in 2016, he knew his hunt was finally done.
P.S. He also encountered a fire-breathing dragon during the chase. Now the tanness of his skin will not surprise you any longer 😛

Ashna is one of the best fashion photographers in the business. He’s also quite down-to-earth and has a wonderful attitude. In Ashna’s guidance, Abdul discovered his style of photography, learned the ultimate photographic talents, and learned the secrets to being a professional photographer.

Weddings, Events, Fashion, Live performance, and Product photography are just a few of Abdul’s specialities, which he’s been offering since 2016.